Slave Labour Laundry List

The International Labour Organization, the Ethos Institute, and the Repórter Brasil NGO have developed this facilitated research system based on the Employees Register set on the Government Directive n. 2/2011, the so-called "laundry list", which is released by the federal government. Using this feature, the companies which have signed the National Agreement no Erradicate Slave Labour in Brazil can search if a certain estate figures on this list. This tool is crucial to determine which farms should be suspended from suppliers list.

The database access is free, and the content is constantly updated according to information on the Labour Inspection Secretary from the Department of Labour.

Insert the data you wish to research:
  • Estate's name
  • Main activity
  • Owner\'s name (legal entity and/or individual)
  • CNPJ or CPF or CEI
  • City
  • State

Observation: Not all the estates' activities are listed.