Resposta da USFloors

Philippe Erramuzpe, diretor de operações (C.O.O.) da USFloors, em resposta à reportagem “Tramontina comprou madeira de serraria flagrada com trabalho escravo"

“Upon reception of this disturbing message I have personally contacted Mr. Robbie Weich, member of the Tradelink International Group based in the UK. Mr. Weich assured me that none of the raw material used to manufacture the unfinished flooring we bought from Tradelink was procured from Bonardi da Amazônia Ltda. He also shared with me the reposnse he sent you on January 20th.

I personally went to Tradelink factory in Brazil and we felt that among other factories we visited, Tradelink was the only company with adequate procedures for due diligence to insure compliance with local and international regulations. Every shipment of unfinished wood we purchased was received with proper documentation to comply with US legislation and Lacey Act requirements.

US Floors is fully committed to the commercialization of products that are safe for human habitation, utilizing sustainable materials, and employing technologies which minimally affect our natural world. The manufacturers we do business with must certify that the material is not harvested in violation of any local laws or requirements.

On another note, our company is no longer importing products from Brazil. The product in question was sold to Lowe’s one of the major home centers in the US and it has been discontinued for poor sales performance.

We are disgusted by the practice of human slavery and trafficking, applaud your courage and fully support the work you are doing.”


Leia a reportagem: Tramontina comprou madeira de serraria flagrada com trabalho escravo



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