With operations ranging from farming to processing, giant corporation Cargill is linked to deforestation, slave labour and other human and environmental rights violations

Agricultural insurance protects plantations in areas with illegal deforestation, overlapping indigenous territories, and to producers caught using slave labour

Brazil’s seasonal harvest labourers report routine of low wages, cold food and even slave labour on farms that supply the world’s most famous coffee shop chain

The relationship between the French financial system and deforestation in Brazil

Illegal deforestation and land conflicts contaminate supply chains of large multinational trading companies

Soy and corn used as animal feed are increasing deforestation in Brazil

How corruption, lax government policies and insufficient corporate traceability systems facilitate the flow of criminally produced livestock

How construction and agricultural equipment are contributing to illegal deforestation in the Amazon

How the production of biodiesel with beef fat, despite being favoured by climate change mitigation policies, uses raw materials that contribute to the problem

This issue of Monitor – a bulletin that presents Repórter Brasil’s sectorial and supply chain studies focuses on social and environmental problems linked to McDonald’s coffee, orange juice, beef and soy supplier network.


“Monitor’s twelfth issue, a bulletin that disseminates Repórter Brasil sector and supply chain studies, analyzes the connections between meat sold by large retailers in the United
States, United Kingdom and European Union and the deforestation of Brazilian forests.”

The 11th issue of Monitor, a bulletin featuring Repórter Brasil’s industry and supply chain studies, analyzes the fashion and garment industry in rural Pernambuco state and the working conditions in the industry