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Wood and Slavery – slave labor that threatens the Amazon rainforest

“Wood and Slavery”, is the result of Reporter Brazil’s investigations into the timber sector in the west part of the state of Pará. In the video, we followed the inspection of the Public Department of Labor that led to the rescue of workers in the region

Read the full investigative news report at: http://reporterbrasil.org.br/loggers

A film by: Ana Aranha
Photography: Lunaé Parracho
Editing: Alex Duvidovich
Editing assistant: João Cesar Diaz
Research: Tania Caliari
Soundtrack: Pedro Penna/ Estúdio Casa da Árvore; De Ushuaia a la Quiaca, Roronca, Gustavo Santaolalla — CC
Sound mixing: Rafael Ramos
Production: Repórter Brasil
Support: Fundação Ford, Mongabay

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