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Resposta da Sainsbury’s

Nota do mercado Sainsbury’s às alegações de trabalho escravo e desmatamento ilegal na cadeia de fornecedores da JBS

Declaração do porta-voz da empresa:

“We’re very open about our ethical trade standards and commitments to sustainability, and always expect our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct for Ethical Trade”

Ainda, em resposta às alegações, recebemos da Sainsbury’s, o seguinte complemento:

“All of our suppliers have to adhere to our ethical standards and follow our Code of Conduct for Ethical Trade. Our code covers key principles including guaranteeing the local minimum wage, providing a safe workplace, no use of forced or child labour, voluntary overtime and ensuring workers are not discriminated against or harassed. All Sainsbury’s suppliers are regularly required to show compliance with our Code of Conduct for Ethical Trade (built on the ETI Base Code) and to provide evidence of continuous improvements in worker welfare.

We take our suppliers’ approach to trade very seriously and believe that by working collaboratively with suppliers and their supply chains, we’re better able to influence positive change.

We’re also committed to ensuring our own brand products will not contribute to global deforestation by 2020. We’ve already made significant progress and geographically restrict the sites we source from in Brazil.”


Leia a íntegra da reportagem em: “JBS comprou de fazendas flagradas com trabalho escravo e desmatamento ilegal”


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