Statement: Diagonal

Official Statement

Diagonal strictly complied with the terms of the contract signed with the Pernambuco state government – via the Suape company – after a public bidding process to develop the Tatuoca Island Resettlement Plan and assist in its implementation.

The scope of the contract covered the pre-resettlement stage and the transfer (resettlement) of the families, while the post-resettlement stage was the subject of a new bidding process, in which Diagonal participated but lost (the winning company was COLMÉIA).

The company did not make “promises” but instead advised the community, as provided for in the contract (whose documents, meeting minutes, attendance lists, adherence agreement signed by the residents, photographic records and other proof of provision of service are filed at the company and were delivered to the contracting party, in this case the state government).

The work of Diagonal did not include construction in the resettlement, nor overseeing the construction, but rather informing the residents of what was planned to be built in the new community.

Diagonal performed the social work until the time of the move to the new housing, preparing the agreements to transfer the keys and also holding meetings with the new company to hand over data and information.

According to the methodological procedures adopted by Diagonal, a resettlement plan has the steps described below – Part 1 was performed by Diagonal and Part 2 will be performed by the new contracted company.



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