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Statement: Unesco

Official Statement

UNESCO in Brazil clarifies that it does not have any contract signed with SUAPE but instead an international technical cooperation project with the Pernambuco State Economic Development Department and the state-owned company SUAPE, approved by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. It is worth pointing out that the project “Pact for Sustainable SUAPE – Expansion of institutional capacity and management of actions for the environmental and social development of SUAPE – Governor Eraldo Gueiros Industrial Port Complex” is aimed at the cultural, social and environmental enhancement of the Armando Holanda Cavalcanti Metropolitan Park, an area next to the Port Complex of SUAPE, and it ends in January 2018. Through consulting over the course of the nearly two years it has been in place, the project has produced important insights and proposals, among them a survey of the current situation of the Park from a social, legal, cultural and environmental standpoint and proposals and models for the management of the Park’s cultural assets. Training courses for various different actors involved in the solutions for the Park have also been organized over this period. It is worth noting that the technical support provided by the project does not involve any direct action by UNESCO in the day-to-day management of SUAPE, and our role has been limited to technical contribution and advice in the implementation of the activities included the project, which are intended to help mitigate the social and environmental impacts. UNESCO in Brazil also informs that it has not received any official complaints from the competent authority or body, nor recommendations from the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the OECD and that it bases its activities in Brazil on strict observance of the law.

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