Cattle watch

Slave labor, deforestation and land conflicts: the behind-the-scenes of the meat industry and its connection to Amazon destruction

Supermarkets bought from suppliers charged with using slave labor

Carrefour and other supermarket chain bought cattle from meatpackers whose suppliers include ranchers charged with slave labor. After the the story was published, they cut ties with the suppliers.

Who's burning the Amazon? The companies behind the fires

Giant meatpacking companies operating in both the domestic and foreign markets such as JBS and Marfrig buy cattle from deforesters in area highly affected by fires in the Amazon. 

Families face risk of eviction after judge upholds request by banker

Agropecuária Santa Bárbara – a company led by the banker who owns the Opportunity group – was granted an injunction to repossess a farm occupied in 2008 by 212 families in Eldorado dos Carajás (PA).

Largest meat producer in the world fuels Amazon deforestation

Even after a 25-million-real fine for buying livestock from deforested areas in 2017, the illegal practice continues and JBS still sources livestock from Amazon-deforesting companies.