Between health and profit

Investigations of Repórter Brasil about the pharmaceutical industry reveal strategies to maximize profits and secure millionaire contracts with the federal government

Why Brazil pays up to 1,400 BRL for a medicine that costs just 34 BRL

How the exclusivity of the United States in the sale of an hepatitis C medicine is preventing national manufacture and raising prices in Brazil

Ministry of Economy might privatize agency that analyzes patents

As the proposal is criticized by businessmen from the national pharmaceutical industry, the association that represents multinational corporations supports the measure

The law that will cause a billionaire loss to the Ministry of Health

A study by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro estimates that government will waste 3.8 billion BRL in 10 years due to the delay in the evaluation of pharmaceutical patent applications

Shortfall of 170 million BRL left cancer patients without treatment

Brazil’s Federal Prosecution Service and the Federal Audit Court investigate public purchases of medication produced by the Swiss company Roche and hint losses due to possible overprice

Three children die in 11 days in the Xingu Park during indigenous healthcare void

The departure of Cuban doctors from the ‘Mais Médicos’ program in November 2018 and the cut in funds from the Ministry of Health left native people without healthcare

With millionaire donations, big pharma industries expands the lobby in the new Congress

Among the 356 funded candidates is governor João Doria. Owner of laboratories and elected as a substitute senator, Ogari Pacheco says he will defend the interests of the sector