Yanomami Blood Gold

A partnership between Amazônia Real and Repórter Brasil produced seven stories that show the path of gold, from the illegal extraction that devastates the Yanomami Indigenous Territory to its transformation into luxury jewels. We reveal the companies that are profiting from illegal mining, the politicians who support this activity, the relationship with organized crime and the historical context behind the invasions. 

How does the market for aircraft that support mining work

Pilots and aircraft owners that transport them to the mining areas earn R$ 200,000 a week, according to the Federal Police.

HStern is one of the illegal gold buyers

Federal Police investigations reveal companies involved in the purchase of gold that leaves the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, from middlemen to luxury jewelry stores.

‘Bolsonaro’s mining bill will turn into a mess’

Living memory of mining in the country, José Altino Machado tells about the origin of the invasions of the Yanomami Indigenous Territory and bets for its future.

Yanomami gold is freely sold at Rua do Ouro

We spotted an indigenous health agent among the customers at the jewelry stores at Rua do Ouro.

PCC approaches miners to launder money

Lack of regulation of the gold market is full plate for dealers. Logistics also attract organized crime to the drug transportation business.

Romero Jucá, the ‘worst enemy’ of the Yanomami people

One of the most emblematic defenders of mining in indigenous territories, the former governor of Roraima had a disastrous passage through Funai.