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Statement: Rota do Atlântico Concessionaire

Official Statement

The Rota do Atlântico Concessionaire informs that it fully complies with the conditions established in Concession Contract No. 43/2011 signed with the Pernambuco state government. Regarding exemptions on the payment of tolls, it specifies that these are applied to vehicles: of official bodies in the performance of activities to guarantee public security; belonging to the police forces of Pernambuco, when on duty; of the Fire Brigade and ambulances, when on duty; belonging to the military, when on training or maneuvers. Catering to the request of Suape, we extended this exemption to residents of the neighboring communities, based on a list of registered people supplied by the government authorities. As such, the Concessionaire applies the rules established by the government authorities and guarantees isonomy for the users of the road in the provision of the delegated services.

Apoie a Repórter Brasil

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